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On Thursday 21st. of March 2013, ghanaian-hungarian singer - songwriter - spoken word artist - poet and aura incarnate SENA DAGADU was officially registered as TRANSCEND INTERNATIONAL-GHANA's (TI-G) Intercultural Ambassador. Click on the buttons below to get inspired. Remember three things:
  1. LOTS OF TREES is TI-G's credo AS WELL AS! SENA Dagadu's Album.
  2. (2) Make sure to support this magnificent artist by accessing her work directly through ITUNES.
  3. (3) Support environmental responsibility by supporting TI-G's work. How?
    • Become Active: Come and plant trees in Ghana yourself! Contact:
    • Make a pledge: Donate anything between € 5 and € 500 or $ every month towards global ecological responsibility. It will flow directly to our permauclture.forpeace project.